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Bruno’s Quality Produce is at Your Service!
Nestled in the hills of South San Francisco, Bruno's handles a full line of produce, as well as a wide variety of difficult to find items such as specialty salad mixes, baby vegetables, a full line of Chinese vegetables and even Christmas Trees.

Located within 10 miles of the Port of Oakland and 2 miles from San Francisco International Airport, Bruno's 10,000 square foot facility is specifically designed to manage the loading of fresh produce into various assortments of vessel and airfreight containers such as 20 foot, 24 foot, and 40 foot chill, dry to assure our customers that their orders are always handled in the most efficient manner available. To them, this means that they receive produce that is the closest possible to fresh picked.

And because Bruno's also owns a small fleet of trucks, we deliver these packaging containers to the local shipping point at no additional cost to the customer.

The export produce industry is ever changing. We at Bruno's maintain an operational flexibility which allows us to accommodate our customers' needs. When occurrences happen which can effect the quality of our produce such as unforeseen regional weather changes, we meet the challenges like these head on to guarantee that our customers still receive the best service and quality possible. As we have always done since 1946, we stand behind our products.

Other services include:
  • Supplying the mandatory paperwork and inspection documentation required to export to any foreign country.
  • Providing a "special request" program to find an item specifically ordered by our customers.
  • Having a Bruno's inspector visually check all produce shipments for quality as it arrives.
  • Providing regular communications by web, phone, fax, and e-mail 24 hours a day.

The produce we recieved on the Nations V-48 is one of the best we've ever recieved. We are tremendously pleased with the quality of the entire shipment...tomatoes, lettuce, grapes, melons, mangoes, etc, etc. were excellent. Our regular customers are very much amazed. You must have done your best to send us high-quality produce. I commend you.

Jim – Palm Terrace

Trucks ready to leave for docks with filled containers.
Orders being pallatized, getting ready to load into container.
Partially loaded container.